Article : 12 Astrological Tips to Boost your Career and Finance in 2018

Career and finance are among the most important things in life. As human being’s we are always looking forward to making a step further in all the fields in our lives, especially in our professional life and financial situation. Actually the importance of work does not stop at the financial gratification it brings but it also offers a personal one. That is why people are obsessed by the idea of improving their career and they are working hard to achieve their potential and get recognized as a real professional.

So, if you want to enhance your career and finance you should follow these tips:

  • Have a clear objective: “A well-set goal is halfway reached.” All the great achievements have started as simple ideas. You need to know exactly what you want, set your objectives in details; with Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio it is advisable to be specific about the position you want to get, the time frame in which you wish to obtain your results etc.… and then work on fulfilling them daily. Keep in mind that persistence will help you get what you want as soon as possible and save a lot of time.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses: You have to know yourself better. Make a list of your strengths and qualities so you can improve them better and on the other hand make a list of your weaknesses so you can work on them. Your natal chart will be of a great help in this task.
  • Believe in yourself: Believe in yourself: One of the keys to be successful is to believe in yourself. You need to believe in your qualifications and competence because if you are not self-confident your boss and colleagues will not believe in you. If you believe in yourself people will respect you and you will feel that you possess some sort of power over your surroundings, the thing that will help you get what you want quickly.
  • Be active and consider your appearance: A successful person has to be active and full of life. By having this image you will leave a good impression on the people you encounter at your workplace and you need to remember that everyone crosses our path for a reason. It is particular important while Mars will be in Libra starting from the 22nd of October. It will also make you feel better. So, you need to do what it takes to look active and energetic; get enough sleep at night, eat healthy food, do some sports, practice some relaxing activities etc.… You need also to pay attention to your appearance because looking smart and elegant has a powerful effect on others.
  • Easy going personality and communication with people: Be of an easy going personality; someone with whom it is easy to deal and enjoyable to work. Communicate with people with whom you work and cooperate because this will help you gain new skills and improve yourself.
  • Positive environment at your workplace:Make of your workplace a positive environment by doing simple things. For example avoid anxiety and tension, do not hang negative pictures on the walls, choose bright colors… You can get some precious advice concerning creating the right energy flow in the office from feng shui techniques.
  • Look for new and additional sources of income: Nowadays, depending on one job and one salary might not be enough to cover all the expenses. You need to look for other possible opportunities that fit your qualification so you can have an extra income and at the same time expand your skills
  • Be positive: To be successful and get what you want you need to have a positive attitude because you attract what you think about. Your own thoughts are powerful enough to shape your whole life and determine your destiny. Always think highly of yourself and believe that you deserve the best of everything. Avoid complaining about your life and using negative language like “I can’t do that”, “I will never get the job of my dreams”, “I will never get rid of debts”…
  • Be thankful for what you have: If you want to get more, be grateful and cherish what you already have first and be happy with it.
  • Visualize the image of job and money you need: By visualizing the things you need you attract them. So, have a clear image in your mind of the job you want to get in details; your workplace, your office… and the amount of money you need. The position of Mercury during this fall will favor this kind of reflection and help keep you at the right track.
  • Check your daily horoscope: To be successful you need to be directed and helped to make the right choices and decisions. Astrology can be of great help. Make it one of your essential daily routine to check your horoscope especially the part that concerns your career and finance to see what opportunities are waiting for your so you can get ready for them.
  • Identify the main planets responsible for career and finance: You need to have knowledge about the planets that influence your financial and professional life because they are responsible for all the opportunities and changes that may occur. So do not hesitate to order your personal horoscope to put all the chances on your side.

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