Why you should kiss at every opportunity you get

For a moment, you were convinced you were high on something exciting you could not explain. The lips, the tongue, and the brain were exchanging chemical messages so fast you felt you were on cloud nine and for a minute (probably until now) you forgot about the exchange of bacteria.

For some people, kissing is a way of knowing if there is a connection between two people such that a bad kiss can make a potential partner bring the hormonal rage to a halt.

The chemistry behind kissing can be explained.

The lips nerve endings are so sensitive that a slight contact can send signals to the brain of wanting more than a person bargains for. When kissing, the brain secretes neurotransmitters that are similar to that of being high. The neurotransmitter that makes you want more is called Dopamine. Dopamine is the same addictive substance found in cocaine.

Asides being fun, kissing has a lot of health benefits:

1. Remember how high and relieved you felt during that kiss ? It secreted the happiness hormones. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is one of such. This hormone is linked to commitment. According to a psychotherapist, Arthur Janov, people who find it difficult to commit “are low in oxytocin” so if you know someone who is afraid of commitment, well…

2.Kissing reduces stress. If you are feeling tensed and you feel your blood pressure is starting to rise, it is advisable to kiss your partner passionately. When you do this, your blood starts to flow properly.

3.This one is for the ladies. Anytime you are experiencing menstrual pains, get your partner to lock your lips. Although you might feel the need to urge to push your partner away, kissing and smooching actually relieves the pains by dilating the blood vessels.

4.Kissing reduces plaque. How this works is that as saliva is exchanged, it washes the buildup plaques.

5.If you are looking to burn up to 10 calories without making out and don’t know how you should try kissing.

6.You have probably watched movies where two lovers kissed and each left the scene (in slow motion) feeling on top of the world. That is an example of what it does to your self-esteem. It makes you more productive such that you can literally face your fears after a passionate kiss.

7.When engaged in the act of kissing a man, testosterone is introduced and the woman’s mucous membranes absorb it and send signals that might make her ready to be engaged sexually.

Couples who kiss regularly live longer and have healthier relationships than those who do not.

Next time you feel exhausted, depressed or happy, you know what to do.

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