My fight with Wizkid helped me to be better – Saeon

Singer Saeon has been off the scene for a while, though she has made a come back with the some recently released singles but many wouldn’t forget in a hurry, her spat with Wizkid.

In a recent chat with Punch she hinted that she has since moved on. Responding to a question on whether she has forgiven Wizkid, she said;

“One of the reasons I decided to title my latest single as Rebirth is because I have come to realize that many things we go through in life are meant to teach us lessons which shape us for the better and I believe everything that has happened – none of which I regret – has led me to this point.”

On what led to her absence from the industry, Saeon stated, “I had a tough but interesting 2017. I lost my dad midway through the year and I kept a low profile afterwards because he was dear to me. He inspired my love for songwriting and music generally. He was my number one supporter; so, losing him felt like I had lost a huge part of me. I had to take time to process it and to be with my family. I’m happy to be back to work and I know he would want me to forge ahead and keep following my dreams.”

Maintaining that she still has what it takes to hold her own in the industry, Saeon said, “I don’t do what I do to compete. I make music to fulfill my purpose. I make music to inspire, reform and connect people. I make music for arts and culture. I make music for the people.”

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