Old E-Class Turned Into Rolls-Royce: The Real Story (Photos)

This is an inspirational story of how a yet to be identified group of automobile engineers transformed an old Benz vehicle into a highly priced Rolls Royce.

Last year, AutoReportNG broke the news that a Kenyan man transformed a Mercedes Benz car to a Rolls Royce.
Well, some fact finding exercises have been done and contrary to speculations, this did not happen in Kenya. Searchlight was beamed on this and reporters are able to get some factual proofs that it happened in Kazakhstan.
There was a group of mechanics or should we say a magicians that are versatile in changing the model of cars at will in a beautiful way.
As you can tell from the photo gallery below, these tuners spent a lot of time looking at photos of the Phantom they printed on A4 sheets of paper.
See more pictures below:

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