I was mistaken for a mad man when I became a pastor – “Kas”

When Nigerian pop singer turned pastor, Kas, broke news that he had become a minister of the gospel, tongues wagged with mixed reactions. Some thought it was an awkward decision while others saw it as a right move in the right direction.

In an exclusive chat, he recounted his experience with friends and acquaintances when they discovered he had quit showbiz for the pulpit. According to Kas, some thought he had gone mad.

“It wasn’t just girls that sent me hate messages because I became a pastor. There was a time I was chilling in a hotel in Manchester, a friend of mine told some of my other friends that I had become a pastor and they asked if I was mad. They got really angry at me but later calmed down when I told them I would still be a musician. The only thing is that I can’t sing anything about boobs and butts again”, he said.

Speaking further, he corrected the lingering rumour that his decision to become a pastor was because his music career had hit the rocks.

“Music worked for me a great deal, with one song I built a house, with one song I also got a place in London, I’m very OK. How did I get money to establish KAS Water? I didn’t ask my mom for the money. It was from just one song that I made all that money. People saying my music career is dead are confused, they need Jesus”, he said.

Asked if he would still lead the lifestyle he was used to before becoming a pastor, he said;

“You will find more demons in churches than anywhere else. I recently went clubbing and people were surprised that a pastor went to a club. People in clubs are even more holy than people in the churches. Girls in the church pretend a lot but the girls in clubs are real.

A club girl will wake up in the morning after sleeping with you all night and go straight to the church. But the ones in church will go and kill someone today and still come to church tomorrow to pretend to be holier than you. The problem with us in Nigeria is that we’re too religious and pretentious. What matters most what you have in your heart

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