DAILY MEDICATIONS – “Your Possibility, Your Responsibility”

Your Possibility, Your Responsibility

I want to inject us with the rightful antidote before the start of the day. Talking on the word *RESPONSIBILITY*.

How do you define your responsibility? What is the outcome of your responsibility?

Our responsibility is not defined by the wealth we have Acquired, neither by the level of our educational pursuit in life. So many of us don’t understand the fact that Our *Responsibility is the definition of what we find ourselves doing at all times, inspite of all odds and barriers* in our homes and community at large.

Considering the Outcome of every responsibility we are carrying out, there’s always Someone who’s benefiting from them. You can be an Intellect and yet not responsible. You become Responsible when your Responsibilities reach out to solving problems in Other people’s life,because your responsibility is not just for yourself alone it’s an extension to the people and world.

*”The outcome of every Responsibility should lead to possibility”*, but reverse is the case in most life, and that’s because many don’t have the courage to stand out to take up responsibility. They are afraid of the multitudes,the word people will throw at them. But do you know what?. There’s only one thing you get when u fail to carry out your responsibility and that’s disgrace. Don’t be scared of handling Responsibilities, because the rising up to fight for others to become successful is part of our responsibility. We receive creditation when we stand up to fulfilling our responsibilities In life and also to the achievement of others.

*”A call to responsibility is a call to possibilities”*-TRUTH.. Nobody will credit your effort if you choose to being idle all your life. Take the stand and take the lead,because that’s what you’re called to be. To be the Best of YOU that only YOU can BE!

Writer – Richard Abednego TRUTH

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