“Marijuana; PROs vs CONS” by ‘Biodun – The Lifesaver’s Apprentice.

With the new wave of legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational uses happening all over the world (about 10 countries including some states in the US have legalized Marijuana) and also with the number of marijuana users increasing daily (it’s the most abused illegal substance in the world), I realized the importance of enlightening everyone about marijuana via my vlog on YouTube “Marijuana; PROs vs CONS”.
Is marijuana all bad?
If no, what are the benefits of marijuana?
And if yes, why should marijuana intake be stopped?
Find out in this vlog
In this vlog I highlighted the good, bad and ugly sides to marijuana use, there’s lots more to marijuana than getting high after all, I hope you find it useful!


The Lifesaver’s Apprentice.

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