Why I Entered Bus From Sango To Oshodi – Otedola Replies Dele Momodu

Nigerian billionaire oil magnate, Femi Otedola has revealed why he recently boarded a bus from Sango Ota to Oshodi.

Otedola, speaking at the public presentation and launch of ‘Pendulum 1’, ‘Pendulum 2’ and ‘Fighting Lions’ by Dele Momodu, said he boarded a bus in order to feel what the masses go through before he dies, contrary to popular opinions that it was because of his political ambition.

Otedola lamented the condition of Nigeria, noting that from his experience, things needed to change.

He said “Dele Momodu did mention that I entered a Molue’ because I wanted to go into politics, not at all.

“I said to myself that someday am going to die and all these God-given wealth, of what use will it be to me, all these cars would not be buried with me.

“Your obituary would read how many children you have not your possession, so I said let me feel the masses and know what it feels like so I boarded a bus in London and when I read comments on social media they said I should try it in Nigeria.

“So I went to Sango with two of my assistants and boarded a bus, what struck me was that God needs to intervene in this country.

“People in Nigeria have no reason to suffer.”

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