A MUST READ – Key Points In Maximizing Your Long-distanced Relationship

Long Distanced relationship is a very important type of relationship, of which many Individuals’ time and years of commitment have been wasted in building this.

This has worked for some people and it actually helped in building a strong family foundation, while some still think, Long distanced relationship doesn’t just worth it.

For, a lady like me, I’ve had long distanced relationships whereby the guy involved later cheated on me, broke the communication line and eventually went off.

Not that i was perfect or he was perfect enough, Things just went wrong and now I’ve come to a full understanding of why and how things went wrong and we really had to go our separate ways.

I’d be sharing some key points with you, these key points were inspired by a relationship talk show and also by couples who maximized their Long-distance relationship before the “Happily Ever After” Took place.

Sharing this on this platform never came to my mind until i woke up this morning and felt Someone needs these to make their long-distanced relationship work.

Relationship is a very beautiful thing, we all have a past that sucks, but that shouldn’t affect your present relationship, be it a long-distanced type or a normal situation whereby your partner stays in the same state and town.

Here are the key points and trust me, I’d make some explanations for better understanding.

1: Avoid Excessive Communication.

Avoid Excessive Communication. you don’t always need to talk with your partner 14 hours a day. NO! It doesn’t work that way.

Your partner will always be busy, whether he’s at work, with friends, at a meeting or just at home sleeping, it really doesn’t matter. Excessive communication would worn your partner out.

But note: It is very important and it should be of utmost priority to always talk to your partner (HIM/HER) every morning and every night.

You could always talk about day-activities at night. But every minute conversation won’t strengthen your long-distanced Bond.

2: See It As A Test Of Love.

See your long distanced relationship as a testing phase for you two. You can’t always be around each other every-time.

I know and understand that there will always be times you would need someone to lean on, or someone to cuddle. I so much understand, but then,

See this phase as an opportunity to make your love stronger, build your trust and it will definitely turn out fine.

3: Have A Goal In Mind.

It is very important to have a goal in mind. The end-goal of every relationship is to settle down eventually with your partner and build a peaceful and fruitful home.

It is important to know what you want in your relationship. Make a plan, work with the plan, have a stipulated time and ensure you are working together.

And also ensure you and partner are working towards the same direction. It matters a lot. I’ve seen some instances where some guys dated for 3 great years, and eventually, the guy involved had a side chick he already planned to get settled with.

Know your partner’s mind, Waste of years, Hardwork and commitment hurts a lot. I’m a living witness. So please do not fall.

4: Set Rules To Manage Your Expectations.

Set rules to manage your expectations. As a guy, do not expect too much from your partner, same goes to the ladies. Set rules, so that no one would get hurt or offended. Know what you want and be realistic about it. And please do not expect too much.

Some ladies have the habit of expecting their man to know what’s going on with them, thereby giving room for unnecessary attitudes. For God sake, your partner isn’t a robot neither is he a super man, always talk to your partner about the issues you have with him/her.

This would go along way. And ladies, Do not depend too much on your man. It’s okay if he takes you out and shower you with gifts, but please, the mentality that he must always give you cash and provide all our needs shouldn’t be nurtured. Don’t be overly dependent.

5: Spice Up Your Relationship.

Yeah, I mean Real Spicing. You don’t just Spice up the food you eat. Always Think of ways to spice up your long-distanced relationship. Do things together online, you could shop together online, you could play a game together.

You could see the same movies and later talk about it during your conversations. This involves creativity and please be spontaneous about it.

Let’s be realistic, you could try sexting with your partner, send teasing messages, Make your partner laugh. Just be creative about it. Spice it up!

There are other important topics i’d like to share with you. I’d do that in due time. Feel free to criticize.

Drop your comment in the comment section.

Source: Crystal Magazine

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