Doctor Invents World’s First Acid Proof Makeup

A doctor claims to have invented the world’s first ‘acid proof’ make-up.

Dr Almas Ahmed says she has spent the past decade formulating a compound which can be used in cosmetics to protect wearers from acid burns.

She says the ‘Acarrier’ compound has been specifically developed so it will not react with any corrosive substances.

It’s currently being included in a foundation cream but Dr Ahmed is hoping to develop a moisturiser and sun cream in the near future.

Dr Ahmed, 32, says she was inspired to develop the compound when she heard about Katie Piper’s ordeal in 2008.

She has invested £60,000 of her own money developing it and hopes it will get approval from UK medicine regulators and be available to women worldwide.

Dr Ahmed, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, told ‘I have always wanted to do something to help people and that’s why I went into medical school.

‘I’m a doctor and I used to work in neurosurgery but wanted to become an inventor so I could help people in the masses.

‘I saw the news about Katie Piper’s attack and it made me realise there is nothing on the makeup people can use to protect themselves. So I set to work designing and producing a makeup that doesn’t only stop acid but any caustic substance from damaging the skin.

‘It’s heat proof, water proof and contains a compound that isn’t reactive to acid, you can go into the pool with it, its nontoxic to skin and it protects you from the environment

‘I’ve done basic testing in a lab in India so I know that it works. I have a business set up and I have a patent but I need to raise money to get Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency approval in the UK.

‘Just the application themselves cost tens of thousands but once I have done that I hope I can get it into production.

‘So far, I have funded it with my own money but because I am on a junior doctor contract, I don’t have much so I need more to fund the project.’

Dr Ahmed says the foundation is made up of very strong bonds, making the structure impenetrable and waterproof to anything that comes into contact with it.

She said the makeup also has a high heat resistance so it can’t be melted by temperatures up to 400 degrees.

Dr Ahmed has started a crowdfunder on

GoFundMe to finance the process of getting her product regulatory approval.

She said: ‘I hope with this product acid burns and normal burns will become a thing of the past.

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‘As well as deliberate damage it can also help accidental incidents. Say if you spill your tea you won’t burn your chin.

‘It will stay on while swimming and protect you from the sun so it’s really multi-purpose.’

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