EKSU FACE OF THE WEEK (Female) – @Talking_kitt (ESUCA 2018 Most Fashionable Female)

NAME – Adejoke Ewatomilola (a.k.a Talkingkitt)

Date of Birth: 03/09 State of Origin: Ado Ekiti

Discipline- Psychology Department (Social Sciences)300level

Interest (About me): I am a cool but stubborn person and I’m jovial too

Who’s your Favorite Artiste: Cardi B

What’s your Favorite Song: Loyal major ft kiss Daniel

What’s your Best Color: Yellow/white

What’s your Favorite food: spaghetti

What’s your Favorite activity & why do you love it? Snapchat video because I found fun in it.

What’s your Favorite fashion item: sneakers

What’s your greatest Inspiration: Death

Who’s your all time Role model: My boss why? she’s a good makeup artist and I’ve always wanted to be like her.

What would you like to say to your fans, friends & family? I love them and I won’t stop loving them

In your twenties you hope to achieve what: More fame

Fb username: Adejoke Ewatomilola

Twitter / Instagram handle: @Talking_kitt

Comments concerning EKSU OLOFOFO: cool platform

What’s your Philosophy of Life? To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.

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