[A Must Read] Forget The Grades, The Certificate Matters The Most

Hello Everyone,

Let’s have a heart-t0-heart talk about Education, Certificate and Grades on our personal life. They are 3 different things entirely.

I have seen countless number of young people who personally pulled out of School because they had poor grades in School and don’t see it worthy to continue chasing again 

Don’t let me bore you with long talk, let’s get down to the sad/harsh reality 

 If you have excellent Grades on your Certificate, if you don’t handle Life after School well, you won’t achieve any Reasonable thing in Life.

 Graduated with bad grades? If you focus on your Life after School, the grades are too small to hold you down in achieving Greatness.


What You Do Or How You Handle Life After School Determines Your Fate

Try to be the best at whatever you do/choose, Nobody will ask you about your Grades, they will only ask “If You Are A Graduate”. 95% won’t even bother to ask at all.

 I have seen many poor grade graduates achieve greatness with the ability of what they are capable of doing coupled with their good attitudes.

 Also, I have seen many Best Graduating Students suffer because they don’t see beyond the shore or think outside the box.



As I write this, Thousands of Students scattered across our Tertiary institutions are planning to Quit school because of poor grades

Try your best to improve and if it’s not working, Please endure to graduate with the grades like that instead of cutting off your Education.

Your Grades don’t define you or determine what you will become in Life.

Please don’t quit – That Certificate might just be your passport to a better tomorrow.

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