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An exclusive online interview we did with one of the talented artistes in Ekiti State University popularly known as “ACE GALAXY ” reveals a lot we probably don’t know in a chat with EKSU OLOFOFO talking about his background, music career, upcoming projects and love life. Enjoy!!!

Interviewer : Tell us about your background.

Ace Galaxy : Ok. I was born and bred in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Born to a family of seven, being the last born. Did primary school in Eksu staff school formerly called Unad staff school when I was there. Then for my secondary School, I spent first three years in Holy Child Catholic Secondary School and moved to Federal Science And Technical College, Usi-Ekiti for my senior Secondary School. And after many years seeking admission to institutions that wouldn’t consider me for admission, by God’s grace I’m presently in 300 level in Ekiti State University (EKSU) studying the course of my choice.

C.E.O Legendary Nation

Interviewer : How did you get into music ?

Ace Galaxy : Music has always been my motivation since childhood. It was always my greatest companion but I didn’t know I was going to be a musician until my last few years in secondary school. I went through hard times and was broken down but the music was the very air I breathe. It gave me a new cause to live.

Interviewer : What’s your major influence ?

Ace Galaxy : Nature, Good music, Positive vibes and the Hip Hop culture at large.

Interviewer : What’s your genre of music ?

Ace Galaxy : I do more of hip hop and I also have some unreleased Afro Pop and Highlife. But trust me, as long as it’s good music, I’ll love to try and genre of music that comes my way because I’m very versatile.

Interviewer : How many singles do you have.

Ace Galaxy : Well, I have only released “Next Rated” Just about to release “Wavy” being the second. But I got unreleased singles.

Interviewer : When did you release your first ?

Ace Galaxy : Released my single Dec 5, 2017. Over a year now.

Interviewer : Which of your music is hot now and are you working on any to be released ?

Ace Galaxy : I wouldn’t say none! ’cause people are really feeling the heat of my incoming single. The anticipation is louder than some new releases!

Interviewer : What do you consider when working on your lyrics ?

Ace Galaxy : One thing is to be talented in this field. Another thing is to know the kind of audience you are targeting and that’s the main thing. Your lyrics and melody will determine who will listen to your song. I think I’ve answered you. ” The audience”.

Interviewer : Tell us about your next project.

Ace Galaxy : I’m currently working on couple of songs and give them massive promotion and hopefully the visuals. I’m also trying to carve out my own brand “Legendary Nation” and get it on the face of the Earth. Though it doesn’t stop me from being signed to a parent label. But most importantly, I’m dropping “Wavy” in couple of days!!

Interviewer : What are your achievements so far ?

Ace Galaxy : My greatest achievement so far is the massive love and support my fans always give to me. With their help I was able to bag three dope awards late last year. First was “Artist Of The Year” in Nigeria Association Of Agricultural Students, awards & dinner night ( Eksu Chapter) organized by Du9ice Foundation.

Few weeks after, I won “Best Rap Artist On Campus” in the Campus Mega Awards out of two nominations! An award that involves all institutions across Southwest! The event was held at Iyana Ipaja in Lagos.

And thirdly which blew my mind most was winning the ” Fast Rising Star” category in Sphinx Magazine Awards 1.0 alongside Zlatan Ibile, Soft, Ajura and many other fast risings. Event held at Lekki, Lagos.

All these came in space of two to three months and I do believe bigger ones are coming too. These are proofs.

So I always thank God for the love my supporters always show me. It’s real love. They really believe in the boy and by God’s grace, I won’t let them down.

Interviewer : Can you tell us your most horrible or saddest moments ?

Ace Galaxy : Every rising artist always have a lot of stories that touch to tell. See, if I start to talk, pages will flip by. So I always try to focus on the positive. Everyone faces challenges but the main thing is never to let it break US. We Move On!

Interviewer : Seeing you’re fast rising and you got swags and all of that. I know you’ll have lots of female admirers, how do you cope with them ?

Ace Galaxy : [Laughs] Yeah, you’re right! I got ’em plenty. But I give everyone equal treatment. You know what I’m saying ? Some get close, some don’t. But I always appreciate the love and I return it. You know, you show love and I reciprocate, you respect me and I reciprocate. That’s all no strings attached.

Interviewer : Hmm, so do you have someone ?

Ace Galaxy : You mean a girlfriend ?

Interviewer : Yeah!

Ace Galaxy : Right now I don’t have and I’m on the lookout though..

Interviewer : Well, I’ll try to believe that!

Ace Galaxy : You see, people find it hard to believe and that’s what makes it harder to find someone. But I’m for real.

“Best Rap Artist On Campus” Campus Mega Awards 2018

Interviewer : So what’s up with this “Wavy” You’ve been on it a while now and the anticipation is heavy!

Ace Galaxy : Yeah! It’s worth it! Good things take time. Just be on the lookout. You personally will love it. The song was produced by Dj Trixsta, Mixed and Mastered By Sweet Candy and song composed and sang by the Legendary Ace Galaxy! The movement will be massive trust me.

Interviewer : One word for your fans.

Ace Galaxy : First, I gotta say a big thank you for your love and support so far. You make me feel like I’m on top of the world, neglecting my weak points.

Secondly, a word of advice. “Surround yourself with those who are on the same mission as you”.

And most importantly, I’m dropping Wavy in few days now! Good music all the way! Get your speakers and headsets ready ’cause I’m about to blow your mind. Legendary Nation, we repp!

My handle is @acegalaxyz across all social media. Thanks and God bless you.

Ace Galaxy and Nina (Big Brother Naija) at the Sphinx Magazine Awards held at Lekki Lagos.

You can follow him on his social media handles to get updated on his movements!

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