The Flamboyant Lifestyle of Floyd Mayweather – His Cars, Mansions & Diamond Watche

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jnr is the world’s highest paid athlete of 2018 after dominating the boxing world and earning mega money.

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is a former American boxer who shocked the boxing world by retiring undefeated with many belts to his name. A bronze Olympics winner, Mayweather was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 24, 1977.

He fought 50 fights, Won 50 and had 27 wins by Knockout. He fought professionally in the Super featherweight, Lightweight, Light welterweight, Welterweight and Light middleweight divisions without being defeated.

As a young teenager, Mayweather narrated the environment in which he was forced to survive. He described how he lived with his mother who was a drug addict alongside six other people in a bedroom. Life was hell for him because most times he comes home from school, he is confronted with eerie sight of used heroin needles in his front yard.

Boxing was his only succour as he concentrated all his energy in trying to become a good boxer. In a 2006 interview with NewYork Times, he spoke about the role his grandmother played in his boxing career.

“I think my grandmother saw my potential first,” Mayweather said, smiling. “When I was young, I told her, ‘I think I should get a job.’ She said, ‘No, just keep boxing.’ “

It wasn’t all rosy as he was forced to drop out of school. His father was incarcerated, leaving him to make the decision for his future. Mayweather said that his determination to fend for his mother following his father’s imprisonment spurred him to success. He made the decision to drop out of school and start earning money by boxing.

That decision kick-started his glorious journey into boxing which later culminated in him winning a bronze at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and going ahead to win professional 50 fights undefeated.

Last year (2018) Mayweather was ranked by Forbes as the world’s highest paid athlete with a whopping $285 million. He earned $10 million from endorsements alone.

He earned more than Lionel Messi ($111 M), Cristiano Ronaldo ($108 M), Conor McGregor ($99 M), Neymar ($90 M), LeBron James ($85.5 M) and Roger Federer ($77.2 M) who made up the top 7 list.

Mayweather’s seven exotic cars he showed to ESPN are worth $15 million. The cars include – two Ferraris, three Bugattis, a Lamborghini, and a McLaren. The awkward part is that he never drives the cars. It just sits in his garage.

Mayweather has over 100 other choice cars as confirmed by Josh Towbin of Towbin Motorcars during an interview by Martin Rogers of USA Today – who said he has sold that number of cars to Mayweather spanning over 18 years.

He owns a G5 private jet, but doesn’t let his full entourage ride on it.

Mayweather is so rich that he can afford to charter a different private jet for his security entourage because he doesn’t want his personal private jet overloaded.

Mayweather once revealed he had $123 million in one account during an interview with ESPN’s Tim Keown. It happened that Keown was traveling alongside Mayweather as part of his entourage while on pre-fight coverage when Mayweather showed him the bank receipt of $123 million.

Mayweather is also a collector of expensive diamond watches. The legendary boxer has boxes containing 41 watches worth a staggering £16 million pounds ($20,950,480). Apart from numerous other mansions, Mayweather boasts of an incredible mansion in Los Angeles he bought for a staggering $25 million according to Business Insider.

Mayweather owns a company called the The Money Team (TMT), a clothing line company. He is indeed, the king of money and doesn’t waste time to spend it.

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